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Deborah is a London-based multi-media artist. She graduated in fine art from Goldsmiths College in 1999. 


She is interested in our interaction with the landscape particularly at the edge of human settlement and bodies of water. Her work reveals a fascination with the tangent between human activity and the natural environment – the traces, the lights, buildings. She seeks out the individuality of each person while exploring the group experience, gathering people’s gestures, stories, sounds and opinions. The passage of time and the transience of our lives is a theme that recurs in much of Deborah’s work. 


Since 2019 Deborah has focused increasingly on painting. Recently she has been exploring new ways to build up a painting, working on the figure, mark-making, following her intuition, imagination and also collaging elements from different sources to form a new reality. Her goal is to become more fluent, take more risks and not overwork things. 


Deborah has made several video artworks that have been shown widely in the UK and two large-scale collaborative installations, Words of Wisdom (2018) and Make a Wish (2019). With Caro Williams, she co-curated a large group show Contemporary Art + Ritual at the Crypt Gallery in London in 2019. 

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